Our Master

Mr Ritchie


Mr. Ritchie is the head instructor for Kenpo Karate Dojo. He started training in the martial arts at the age of 10, in Goju Ryu then Tae Kwon Do. At 16 yrs he walked into his first Kenpo school and has been active in Kenpo and other martial arts since. Mr. Ritchie started student teaching at the age of 20 and was running a school for his instuctor at 24. When he was 26 he became the manager and instructor of the headquarters school. At 27 he moved to Dallas and started training in other martial arts. He continued to teach Kenpo to friends and after a few more transfers he ended up in Houston and has been here for more than 20 yrs. Here he studied Kuk Sool Won, Budo Taijutsu, Judo and has black belts in these styles and other systems. He also continued to teach Kenpo. A few years ago he decided to open another school and is now full time in the school. His philosophy on Kenpo has changed somewhat from his beginnings.

Today Mr Ritchie is 59 and has blended his knowledge into the Kenpo he teaches. It's still primarily Kenpo from TRACO and EPAK but altered from his experience with other styles. It continues to evolve as his knowledge grows. Mr. Ritchie feels Kenpo is not meant to be static and should continue to grow as man evolves and situations change in society. Mr Ritchie holds black belts in Kenpo (TRACO, EPAK, Taijutsu, and Combat), Budo Taijutsu, Judo, and Kuk Sool Won. Also, "he feels rank is over rated these days "everyone has earned high ranks" but can they back it up and pass it on. The true test of a martial artist is not the belt he wears but his ability to pass on his knowledge and to develope students as good or better than the teacher." A true martial artist wins the conflict without fighting we train so we do not have to fight but can if necessary.