How much is to much?

If you pay more for the style of martial art you are taking is it better than the style someone else is taking. NO! Many people believe if Master X charges more then they are getting more for their dollar. This is an amazing but false analogy. Price has nothing to do with the art you are taking! It has nothing to do with the material taught. Master X probably has a fancy training hall, large building, and major advertising expenses. All of this relates to what is charged. It has NOTHING to do with the style. It does not mean they are more efficient. It can mean a big financial hit on the student or the parents of the student.


A Martial Arts school is a business. It is a retail business like Dillards or Home Depot. Instructors set up their business to make money. They want to retire like everyone else. Hopefully with more than social security. Very few people have a retirement from some other sources, so they adjust their income to plan for the future. This business plan can include regular students, Black Belt Club, and Masters Club. All of which costs the student or parents more money. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the persons ability. However, these programs usually teach things earlier to the special club members. Fact is they would get the same information as a regular student just not as soon. Before you sign a high dollar contract ask what you or your child will be getting for your money! At Kenpo Karate Dojo we are so confidant of our system we do not use contracts. It's pay per month. Don't lock yourself into a trap! Try it before you sign up!