Great Exercise

The Martial Arts are Great For All Ages

Men, Women, and Children can benefit from the study of the martial arts. Studies show that the physical exercise benefits of martial arts rival many other popular aerobic activities. But the martial arts go even further by helping students gain confidence, higher self esteem, and great coordination.

Martial arts can be practiced your entire life and help everyone gain flexibility too. As we age we lose flexibility which can slow you down and aid in the loss of coordination. However, if we remain active in martial studies we can develope and maintain flexibility without damaging our joints. Many children are also inactive and can suffer from loss of flexibility and poor coordination.

In todays world of video games and television children are not outside running, jumping and playing the way they were 30 years ago. Many people argue that their children are in extra activities such as baseball, football, soccer ect... . Well what are they doing when they are not practicing? Most likely watching TV or playing video games. Studies show that Americans are some of the fattest people in the world. This is a problem for everyone and excuses are abundant. Even martial arts instructors can suffer from obesity. Its just to easy to do anything else. Commitment to a healthy way of life is the only answer.

How often do you exercise? Did you know that most people polled said they felt better studying the martial arts than doing any other activity. This includes lifting weights. Give martial arts a try and find out for yourself.